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The Feature Kitchen

(April 2017 - April 2022)

After five very agreeable years and 57 months of features - from over 30 different regions and cooks - we will be taking an indefinite break from the end of April '22. We are happy that over this period, every Friday and Saturday, The Feature Kitchen - a takeaway service with a monthly menu, prepared by a different chef - was able to provide a incredible array of regional food offerings to customers across Lewes, surrounding villages and Brighton & Hove. 

The takeaway business remained in fine health through all those years thanks to all the support from a wide (& mostly delightful) customer base. It started with an idea, a mailing list of 30 and the phenomenal talents of Genet & Abeba. It has surpassed everything I expected. A close friend recently told me that after a few good chapters, books don't just go on and on, they come to an end. I felt that.

It has been terrific, thanks for all the orders and all the feedback, and a special thanks to all the cooks, the kitchen assistants, drivers, our host kitchen Lewes Community Kitchen/Chef, and everyone else that has made it happen.

And ja, there might an epilogue, a new edition, or a sequel but for now, 🙏🏾.

Jacob Fodio Todd


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