The Feature Kitchen is a weekend takeaway delivery service, working each month with different chefs and an exciting variety of cuisines, serving Lewes and the surrounding areas, and Brighton.

In March, we welcome a menu by Nathlie Mulvan, head chef & proprietor of Irma's Cafe & Bistro. Over three weekends (13, 20 & 27 March) Nathalie cooks up some classic fare from across the Caribbean, but including classics from her birthplace Guyana. Both the food & the cafe are heavily influenced by Nathalie's mother Irma & the food of Guyana, which although located in South America, forms part of and feeds into the cultural world of the Caribbean - with its mix of African, Asian, European and American people and cultures.

This month’s menu includes (for £12.50): rice & peas with plantain, coleslaw, salad, hot sauce with either pirara, spiced split pea and mixed vegetable curry or jerk chicken. Sides include Guyanese curry beef, mac cheese & Caribbean bun. Explore the menu here.

Each Friday, over each weekends, food is freshly prepared in a the Lewes Community Kitchen, packaged in containers. Then, it is delivered evenings (between 6pm-8pm) to houses around Brighton, Lewes and the surrounding areas, ready for simple reheating - on the stove or using a microwave. The menu consists of  specially selected dishes (with meat & vegetarian/vegan options). See the menu here.

The feature kitchen was set-up by Jacob Fodio Todd, of The Groundnut, after an inspiring meeting with Genet & Abeba, who were looking to expand their Ethiopian food business, and Jane Lancashire , who helped organise their Lewes pop-up event. The feature kitchen has three main aims:

1) to boost the variety of weekend takeaway options in the local areas of operation by each month inviting different people to cook fresh dishes for home delivery.

2) to share the wealth of culinary knowledge -  from all parts of the world - that exists in the local area

3) to act as a platform and springboard for talented cooks - especially to support those navigating the UK food industry or need help developing their business. The feature kitchen's aim is to invite different cooks from a variety of backgrounds to contribute their culinary skills to the kitchen project, so that Lewes and the surrounding areas have ever changing, and interesting, food options readily available.