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#groundnut December menu


groundnut stew (chicken or vegan) (MILD)

A smooth & indulgent blend of roasted peanut paste with a base of soft onions, tomato paste and the subtle flavour of scotch bonnet pepper. Served over roasted seasonal organic vegetables from Barcombe Nurseries or with chicken thighs. A classic.



long-grain rice & plantain

steamed white rice with a couple of slices of plantain on top


spring greens cooked till just soft, mixed simply with onions

beetroot slaw

fresh beetroot dish with carrot and herbs


hot sauce

homemade hot sauce

// sides //

sticky pork ribs (£5)

short pork ribs cooked with

green plantain crisps & dip (£4)

deep fried green plantain chips with a fresh herb dip

creme caramel (£3.50)

creme caramel made with a sprinkling of orange peel in the caramel

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