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alex (limetree kitchen) & jacob (The feature kitchen)

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#collaboration December 2020 menu

paneer & cauliflower tandoori skewers

paneer & cauliflower marinaded in yoghurt and spices and char roasted



tandoori chicken

chicken legs brined and long marinaded before being char roasted


bread / rice

fluffy mamoosh bread or coconut rice

vegetable curry

A recipe of Alex's Uncle Noel. A classic vegetable curry

light pickled salad

freshly cut veg in a quick light pickle

sauces: green chutney / raita / hot sauce

green: a vibrant green chilli, mint, garlic and lime relish

raita: a refreshing yoghurt & cucumber dish

hot sauce

// sides //

scotch bonnet ribs (£5)

short pork ribs slow-cooked in a rich dark sweet scotch bonnet sauce. With soy.

vindaloo wings (£5)

chicken wings marinated in a classic Goan mix

dal (£3.50)
A fragrant yellow-split pea dal

beak brewery beer

a promotional deal that nets you 10% off beer from the Beak Brewery. Receive a code via email when you order here to use at the Beak Brewery. Everything is delivered together on Friday or Saturday night!

We aim to highlight allergens, but for a full allergen list please get in touch!