This month we welcome jan & David 

offering a lovely traditional Czech spread over

four weekends - 5, 12, 19 & 26 march

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March 2021 Czech menu

Kuře na paprice s houskovým knedlíkem

(chicken on paprika)

slow-cooked chicken pieces in a rich red paprika & sour cream sauce, served with knedliky - bread dumplings. Contains dairy.



Houbová omáčka s restovanými liškami a houskovým knedlíkem

(mushroom sauce)

mushrooms in a deep sauce and topped with glazed mixed mushrooms served with knedliky - bread dumplings. Contains gluten & dairy.


Obložený chlebíček

(garnished sandwiches)

assemble your own traditional chlebíček 'open sandwiches': classic Czech appetisers, slices of baguettes to load with:

 potato salad 



salami & fresh cured ham (meat option)

edam cheese & hard-boiled egg (veg option)

// sides //


Uzené vepřové koleno s chlebem, hořčicí, křenem a kozími rohy (£7.5)

(smoked pork knuckle)

smoked ham hock with sourdough rye bread, mustard, horseradish sauce, pickled pepperoni peppers & organic Organergy sauerkraut.

Bramboráček se kysaným zelím a červenou řepou (£4)

(potato rosti)

potato cakes with pickled beetroot, dill sour cream & organic Organergy sauerkraut

Šišky s mákem (£3)

(sweet dumplings)

potato dumplings covered in melted butter and tossed with ground poppy seeds & sugar

Jar of Sauerkraut (£5.50)

Organergy jars of long fermented cabbage, leek, carrot, onion & salt. All vegetables are produced at Tablehurst Farm and are 100% biodynamic.

We aim to highlight allergens, but for a full allergen list please get in touch!