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Southern African menu
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peri-peri chicken
long-marinated & grilled chicken pieces in a medium-mild peri-peri blend. 


uncle noel's vegetable curry

a classic recipe from Alex's Uncle Noel, with lots of veg and lots of flavour.

Served with a piece of peri-peri sweetcorn. Contains mustard.


coconut rice

white rice with coconut


seasonal cooked spring greens

lentil curry

a red split lentil dal topped with a tarka. Contains mustard.

sauces: chakalaka/yoghurt/hot sauce
chakalaka: a spiced vegetable and bean relish
yoghurt: a refreshing yoghurt & mint dish
hot sauce: homestyle hot sauce




sticky ribs £5
short pork ribs slow-cooked in a rich dark sweet scotch bonnet sauce. Contains soy.

crispy fried vegetables £4

deep-fried battered vegetables

flan £3

A set custard sweet, with a hint of orange. Contains dairy & eggs.

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