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#southasian February menu

kofta curry

Spiced beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce.

Or substitute chicken wings as main meat.



bhagara baigan

aubergines in a peanut & sesame sauce. Contains sesame & nuts.


coconut dal

red lentils in coconut milk with pandan leaf, turmeric & finished with a tarka of onions & spices

chaat salad

chickpeas fried in spices & coconut with chopped tomato, cucumber and pickled red onion

lemon rice

fragrant basmati rice with lemon aroma

mango chutney

a sweet mango based chutney

// sides //

tandoori chicken wings (£5)

chicken wings marinaded and baked at high heat

tandoori pumpkin pieces (£4)

pumpkin roasted at high heat with a tasty marinade

saag aloo (£3.50)
potatoes fried in spices with spinach

pears poached in saffron & cardomom (£3.50)

poached pears with a sprinkling of seven sisters' spices pistachio dukkah

We aim to highlight allergens, but for a full allergen list please get in touch!